UltraCap Trading Announcement

Dear Traders and Partners,

In light of recent unsettling developments in the prop trading industry, I find it essential to take a moment and reaffirm UltraCap Trading’s unwavering commitment to transparency, authenticity, and the long-term success of our traders. These recent events serve as a poignant reminder of the vital role that trust and integrity play in our line of work.

Choosing a Long-Term Partner

Selecting a prop firm is not just about immediate gains; it’s about choosing a long-term partner committed to your growth. Unlike other firms that rely on flashy marketing and seemingly attractive but short-lived unrealistic plans, UltraCap’s business model is designed to be mutually beneficial.

We may not claim to be the cheapest or the best, and our goal goes beyond that. We pride ourselves on being authentic, reliable, and realistic. Bigger is not better.

Our internal motto, “Quality over Quantity,” guides every aspect of our business, from designing trading accreditation plans to reviewing trader performance. We offer a transparent roadmap for your future, complete with realistic scaling plans that are designed to reward you richly and fairly for services and tenure.

Our focus isn’t on making a quick buck; it’s on investing in your long-term success by providing a holistic support system aimed at refining your trading strategies and achieving your career goals.

Transparent Partnerships with Liquidity Providers

One of the most critical aspects that sets us apart is our transparent partnerships with liquidity providers. Recent industry events have raised questions about the level of control some firms have over trading conditions. At UltraCap, we eliminate this concern by exclusively partnering with regulated retail brokers like Eightcap Global. We believe that having a third-party broker and an extra third-party risk manager is necessary to provide an authentic proprietary trading contract.

The Importance of Transparency

  1. Brokerage Transparency
    If a firm aggregates liquidity using their own technology, they are essentially acting like a broker. There’s no secret edge gained by not disclosing liquidity providers. So, what’s there to hide?
  2. Execution and Price Delivery
    Some claim that undisclosed liquidity providers offer better price delivery and faster execution. However, using a large and public retail broker increases your chances of better execution because they aggregate multiple liquidity feeds under regulated conditions PLUS have their own pool of thousands of live traders contributing to real liquidity.
  3. Verification and Trust
    Knowing the sources of liquidity goes a long way in ensuring that your trades are actually being placed on the open market. Professional Prop Trading is not just a product, it’s a job. You are the service provider, and like any job, you’d want to ensure your client is stable, reliable, and legal.

    Let’s put that into perspective and look at how that impacts you. If we closed down the recruitment of traders tomorrow, our live funded traders would not be affected. We would never have to worry about paying out our employees or staff because the majority of our profits are made through the performance of our traders and the relationships we have with our funding partners.

Experience The UltraCap Difference

UltraCap Trading stands as a beacon of what a prop trading firm should be – transparent, authentic, and committed to mutual success.

We operate in strict adherence to our obligations with regulatory bodies like the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and our operations come under compliance with Australian Consumer Law (ACL). This commitment to compliance provides an additional layer of security and trust for our traders, offering you the very best jurisdictional protection through Australia and ASIC.

In a world where the lines between genuine offers and marketing gimmicks often blur, we invite you to experience the UltraCap difference. Your success is not just our business, it’s our mission.

All the best!

RJ Duff 

Managing Director UltraCap Trading – Recruitment & Risk Management





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