Who are We ?

UltraCap Trading stands as the paramount alternative in trader recruitment, championing transparency and empowering retail traders to cultivate enduring, disciplined careers through a trusted and unparalleled platform. We redefine industry standards, ensuring authenticity and integrity in every trader’s journey to success.


Built for Traders, Run by Traders

Based in Sydney, UltraCap Trading is a premier Trader Recruitment Firm, compliant with ASIC regulations. Founded by traders for traders, we revolutionize the funding industry by empowering retail traders to build sustainable careers. In 2021, we introduced an innovative program that recruits based on talent and performance within a transparent, partner-guided platform. By utilizing secure, reputable broker platforms, we ensure a legitimate, transparent program free from slippage, spreads, and liquidity issues. UltraCap Trading is the ultimate choice for authentic, reliable trader recruitment, committed to transforming retail traders’ lives with realistic and achievable career opportunities. We are the definitive alternative to global prop funding



Championing trust and transparency

UltraCap Trading is a Trader Recruitment Firm that prioritises open communication and ethical practices to provide a trustworthy trader experience. Through this approach we build robust long-term relationships with traders and funding partners, and promote long-term career opportunities.


The UltraCap Trading Vision

We are dedicated to offering an authentic and transparent platform for quality traders, steadfastly supporting their path to success. We empower our global community to forge sustainable careers and transform their lives. If you seek financial freedom and an improved work-life balance, UltraCap Trading is your premier choice to begin or advance your trading career.

Australian Owned and Run

Proudly founded, owned, and operated in Australia, we adhere to a trustworthy financial jurisdiction and stringent regulations.

ASIC/LEI Registered and Compliant

Our registration and business compliance are regulated by ASIC and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) under Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

Supporting Your Success

Our team are committed to working with you past accreditation, providing support that promotes career progression and keeps you on track to achieve your goals.


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