The UltraCap Difference

Our Accreditation Programs are intentionally designed to be different so when you’re seeking a genuine path to long-term success, we’re the right choice to start your trading career. Alongside trading on a real, regulated, broker-backed platform, you’ll benefit from:

It's not a Challenge. It's a Journey.

Prop challenges in this industry normally impose unrealistic expectations and want you to fail. Accreditation on the other hand, nurtures sustainable careers and values long-term commitment leading to success. At UltraCap, we embrace the grind and recognise traders who may require multiple attempts, rewarding them for persistence.

A Custom/Flexible Experience

Alongside having no trailing stop out, and simple single phase trading plans, we are proud to be the original and first trader funding program in the world to offer a flexible experience through comprehensive addons, modifications, upgrades, and features. Unlike others, we designed Add-ons to help traders tailor their plans to increase the chances of success. We genuinely want you to pass and stay funded!

No Trap Rules

We have no relative drawdown or any rules that limit your trading ability or chances of passing. For example, relative drawdown can catch traders out during periods of volatility or when a strategy experiences a losing streak. We give you the freedom to fully audition your edge whilst displaying consistent risk management.

Impressive Pass Rates

We’re the most achievable prop funding program, with our UltraSmart plan’s pass rate more than double most online funding programs. This is helped by having Single Phase Evaluation periods that mirror real world trading conditions. Not 2 or 3 Stage sprint challenges that encourage unsustainable behaviour and are systematically designed to fail more traders.

Multiple Funding Options

Every trader is unique, and so are our funding choices. When you pass, we offer multiple funding options with a range of risk appetites and objectives, allowing you to tailor the funding conditions to your trading edge and style. Once you become funded, we work with you to ensure you stay funded, with a range of options to assist our traders to remain consistent.


The Real Alternative to Global Trader Funding Programs

A plan for every type of trader!


The Most Achievable Funding Program for FX on the Planet!
  • Single Stage Plan with highest pass rates
  • -8% Balance Based Drawdown,
    6% Pass Target
  • Bi Monthly Payouts
    Up to 90% Profit Share
  • 6 months or No Time Limit
  • Discounted Resets, Extensions, Merge Accounts, Up to 3 Accounts per Trader
  • Only Trustworthy High Liquidity, Global Brokers on ASIC regulated accounts.


Simple Rules catering to all Trader Strategies with flexible options
  • Single Stage, FX, Metals, Indices, Crypto
  • -5% Balance Based Drawdown,
    9% Pass Target
  • Bi Monthly Payouts
    Up to 90% Profit Share
  • No Time Limit
  • Discounted Resets, Purchase extra drawdown, Up to 3 Accounts per Trader
  • Only Trustworthy High Liquidity, Global Brokers on ASIC regulated accounts.


Most Cost effective Instant Funding Plan on the Planet!
  • Instant Live Account, start earning from Day 1
  • -6% Balanced Based Drawdown
  • Bi Monthly Payouts
    Up to 90% Profit Share
  • No Time Limit
  • The only plan that recognises your live trading success from other firms!
  • Only Trustworthy High Liquidity, Global Brokers on ASIC regulated accounts.

Tailor Your Experience with Trading Plan Add-ons

We know each trader is unique, so we provide a flexible experience through Trading Plan addons. Once you’ve purchased a plan you can choose from addons including Functions, Modifications, and Upgrades in the client portal. These have been designed to enhance your trading edge, align your risk requirement with your strategies, and increase your success rate. As a result, you’ll get the chance to grow your long-term, sustainable career.





Need to start over fresh? Trading Plan Resets are available via the Client Portal Dashboard, simply re-select a new plan and start again at a discounted rate.


Add a plan to your existing account to diversify your trading strategies and increase your chances of consistent profitability.

Live Portfolio Managers can purchase this addon with any additional Accreditation Plan of the same type. Available before starting, this allows you to copy your LPM trades, and use the accreditation plan’s progress to qualify for scaling the LPM account. Upon passing, the balances of both plans are merged boosting your live capital allocation.





Increase your maximum allowable drawdown by 5%, so you have more flexibility to execute your trading strategy.


When things don’t work out, there’s no need to panic. Whether the market changes, you take a larger loss, or your computer reboots, you can breathe easy knowing our 3 month extensions can be purchased at any time.

No Time Limit
No Time Limit





6 months is more than ideal for most traders, but if you want more time this allows you to trade at your own pace. When you choose this addon, you’ll forfeit 2% Risk Per Symbol in exchange for a 3% Daily Equity Drawdown Limit. This must be purchased within the first 14 days of your Trading Plan.


Once you pass our UltraSmart or UltraFlex Trading Plans, you can purchase additional profit share addons in +10% increments (up to 90%) and earn more from your first day of live trading. This must be purchased before you begin trading on the account.

UltraPro allows you to purchase additional profit share as soon as you sign up for the trading plan. This can be chosen from the checkout, and only applies to the Pro Live Scaling Plan.

See Scaling Plan

Trade Crypto Majors and Minor Pairs with this addon available for our UltraFlex Trading Plan.


Successful Traders, UltraCap Accreditations!


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Common Questions

This is a selection of our most frequently asked questions. If you would like to see more, please click here to visit our dedicated FAQ page.

UltraCap Trading is an Australia-based trading firm specializing in the recruitment, profiling, and management of top-tier retail trading talent. We serve as a comprehensive platform that simplifies the intricate landscape of trading and investment. Here’s how we do it:

For Traders:
We offer a technology-driven platform where traders can showcase their skills in a real-world simulated environment. Those who meet our criteria are offered contracts to trade on live funded accounts. These accounts feed into our overall live funding pool, becoming part of a unique ecosystem managed at a macro level.

For Trading Partners:
We provide a secure and transparent portal where our trading partners can access high-quality, anonymized trading data. This data is generated by our contracted traders and processed through our proprietary AI Risk Management Platform. This enables our partners to use their private equity to generate their own returns in a unique and secure manner.

Streamlined Process:
We eliminate the complexities often associated with the trader-investor relationship. Our technology handles the heavy lifting, allowing traders to focus on trading and our private equity partners to concentrate on risk management and technology, rather than HR and compliance issues.

By serving as this essential bridge, UltraCap Trading creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem for both aspiring traders and private equity ventures. We maintain the highest standards of transparency and ethical conduct throughout this process.

Distinct Approach:
Unlike traditional proprietary desks and online trading firms, UltraCap Trading focuses exclusively on the meticulous management and organization of trading talent. We execute pooled strategies into consumable, risk-managed outputs that our partnered institutional and high-net-worth parties can leverage. We offer a streamlined platform that fosters a synergistic relationship between traders and investors. Traders are provided with bona fide career contracts, governed by stringent regulations. Meanwhile, our private equity subscribing partners gain access to a platform designed to effortlessly harness the potential of retail trading talent. This approach eliminates the need for complex risk management, resource allocation, and the legal intricacies often associated with such ventures, thereby reducing operational costs and complexities. test

In a landscape teeming with Online Proprietary Firms, each offering their own “evaluation” services, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Most of these evaluations simulate live trading environments with rigid criteria, often designed to filter out traders based on high-risk performance metrics, which can be misleadingly attributed to luck.

Quality Over Quantity

At UltraCap, we prioritize the quality of your trading strategy over mere numbers of sign ups. We understand that a trader’s value isn’t just in their ability to generate profits, but also in the consistency and edge of their trading strategy. As such we design our plans to provide an environment that a trader can realistically showcase their edge.

It’s About Results, Not Luck!

Why settle for a trading program designed to fail most traders whilst rewarding luck? A system that relies on luck when you’re aiming for a sustainable trading career doesn’t encourage sustainable and responsible trading and contributes to an unsustainable gambling experience rather than a professional one.

Tailored Funding Experience

We recognize that every trader is unique, with distinct trading strategies and risk profiles. That’s why we offer a variety of options to tailor your funding experience. Whether you’re a conservative trader or more aggressive, we have a range of plans with additional modifications and addons to help you really align with your trading style, boosting your chances for long-term success.

Technology-Driven Matching

Our program leverages advanced technology to match your trading style with specific risk profiles and liquidity pools. This ensures a mutually beneficial relationship between your trading data and results, and our funding partner products, based on real performance metrics rather than arbitrary rules.

A Win-Win for All

UltraCap’s programs are designed to create a win-win scenario for both traders and the funding teams that use the trading data. By focusing on the quality, consistency, and edge of your trading strategy, we offer a more holistic approach to trader evaluation and funding, setting the stage for a long-term, sustainable trading career.

Setting up your account with UltraCap Trading is a straightforward, three-step process designed to get you trading as quickly as possible while ensuring you’re the right fit for our unique ecosystem.

Choose Your Trading Plan:
First, explore the various trading plans we offer. Each plan is designed to align with different trading strategies and career goals. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Sign Up and Pay:
Once you’ve selected your trading plan, you’ll be prompted to provide a few details and pay your Commitment Fee. This fee serves to provide you with a Trading Plan and Opportunity to showcase your talent on a simulated real world environment (spreads and commissions and fills matter) in your trading career with UltraCap and also covers the operational costs of running the accreditation program.

Showcase Your Edge:
After your account is set up, you’ll start trading in a real-world simulated environment to showcase your skills and consistent edge. If you meet our modest requirements, your trading performance will be presented to our panel of funding partner managers and risk managers. We’ll then offer you general and tailored letter of offer which will include your onboarding options to provide your trading talent and services as a contracted employee of UltraCap! Unlike other companies in this space, UltraCap tailors funding options for our contractors. Although the amount of live funding you start with is always the same amount as the trading plan you accredit on, the options, addons and structures available give our traders the flexibility to choose a working model that can help them grow faster!

By following these steps, you’re not just opening an account; you’re starting a potentially long-term, rewarding trading career.

Once you successfully pass the Accreditation Program, you enter the onboarding phase. This involves receiving a formal letter of offer, undergoing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, and signing your Live Portfolio Manager (LPM) contract. After these steps are completed, you’ll be onboarded into our unique trading ecosystem with a live funded account

The capital you’ll be trading will start at the level based on the Accreditation Plan you’ve chosen and successfully completed. The options to modify this capital are also outlined in your LPM contract and is designed to align with your demonstrated skills, risk management capabilities, and trading strategy.


The UltraCap Trading Academy Discord community is envisioned as a dynamic nexus for trader development, idea exchange, and encouragement. It’s more than just a platform; it’s an evolving academy designed to nurture and spotlight future trading talent. 

Simply join the UltraCap Discord and join like minded traders with exclusive access to giveaways, competitions, discounts and more in the #promotions channel!

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