Official Statement from UltraCap Trading

To Our Valued Traders, and Partners,

In these times of industry-wide uncertainty, your concerns are at the forefront of our collective journey. The ripple effect of recent directives from one of the world’s largest trading platform providers, impacting relationships with many different broker and liquidity providers, is being felt across the globe. This unexpected outcome of a looming event was beyond anticipation and resonates deeply with us all.

Current Landscape: This global event has created an unprecedented challenge, and we are fully aware of the potential implications for our traders and stakeholders. One of our primary brokers which we receive liquidity through has issued a notification that will affect the way all prop firms operate on its platform, with a deadline set for February 29 for current access to the platform to cease. As you are no doubt aware from various channels including social media, they are not the only broker that has been affected. As a result, the global trading community is currently experiencing a shift that calls for adaptation and resilience. This event does not stand alone—it is a shared experience among thousands, including every member of the UltraCap family.

Our Commitment: Over the past quarter, we have diligently worked on diversifying our platform offerings in collaboration with our funding partners, striving for an enhanced trading and recruitment experience. Today, more than ever, we are now focused on evaluating and enacting the best course forward, one that aligns with your needs and the integrity of our operations. Whilst we recognise this is an inconvenience for many, we are all in the same boat together.

Moving Forward: Discussions are ongoing with the ultimate direction for our trading talent, and our dedication to transparency remains unchanged. We are here to navigate these changes with you, providing updates tailored to the diverse circumstances faced by each trader within our community.

A Call for Patience: We ask for your understanding and patience as we chart these new waters. Change is never easy, but it is often the crucible for growth and innovation. Our team is wholeheartedly committed to supporting you, aiming to reduce any disruption that may arise.

As we progress, we promise to keep you informed, ensuring that the steps we take are communicated with clarity and empathy. Your trading journey is important to us, and we stand with you as we embrace the path ahead.


  1. What about my open positions?
    • Currently, there are no changes to your open positions. However, please be advised that all plans and groups on our broker’s server will conclude at the close of business on February 29 and your trading data will be locked down.
    • Although accreditation services might cease on the same platform beyond this date, solutions being put forward may factor in the individual circumstances and performance of the account and we ask that traders continue to adhere to risk requirements and rules as strategy checks may be involved with prospective solutions.
  2. Will there be any service interruption?
    • While our goal is to minimise disruption, we anticipate that there may be interruptions to trading services as we explore and implement the most suitable solutions for our community.
  3. What steps should I take right now?
    • We advise all traders to review their positions and strategies in light of the forthcoming solutions and approach trading as “business as usual.”
    • Solutions we are working on may be highly individualised and your performance, account history and strategies may still be subject to an early strategy check to determine eligibility of any incoming solution to the challenges presented.
  4. How will we be updated on the next steps?
    • Updates will be communicated through our official channels, including internal announcements and via registered emails directly. We encourage traders to check these sources regularly.
  5. Who can I contact for support?
    • Our customer service team is available to address your concerns. Please reach out through our standard support channels for assistance. Please be courteous and understanding to our staff, who may not have all the details or answers to specific trader impacts at this time.

We are committed to providing you with the clarity and support needed during this transitional period. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work tirelessly to navigate these challenges.

The UltraCap team





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