Understanding the role of liquidity providers in the accounts you are trading is vital for several reasons, including trading conditions and trustworthiness. Well-regulated brokers often have multiple liquidity providers, offering excellent trading conditions like tighter spreads and faster execution.

The Need for Transparency:
Transparency is crucial in the trading world. When a firm can aggregate liquidity themselves, they are essentially operating in a manner that should be financially regulated. This capability raises the potential for conflicts of interest and questions about the firm’s transparency and trustworthiness. It gives them the power to potentially modify or manipulate trading conditions, such as spreads, slippage, and fill efficiency.

UltraCap Trading’s Commitment to Transparency:
At UltraCap Trading, we address these concerns by partnering exclusively with financially regulated global retail brokers. This partnership ensures key benefits for our traders:

  1. No Conflict of Interest: We cannot manipulate or modify your trading conditions, ensuring that UltraCap is always aligned with the trader’s performance.
  2. Regulated Trading Conditions: Trading under conditions regulated and monitored by financial authorities adds an extra layer of security and trust.
  3. Third-Party Counter-Party: An external third-party counter-party is always involved in the trades we make through our master trading portfolio, ensuring that the funding is live, real, and regulated.

UltraCap Trading’s Approach:
We only operate our recruitment and live services with authentic globally known and trusted brokers. This ensures that the best real trading conditions are delivered to not only all their retail clients but also including our traders. This eliminates the potential for conflict of interest, as we do not have the ability to manipulate or modify the conditions of your trades. We do not have access to the price feeds, the slippage, or the spreads.

By taking these steps, we aim to provide a transparent, trustworthy, and sustainable trading environment. We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of a long-term, successful trading career for our traders and a fruitful partnership with our funding partners. Our commitment to transparency, trust, and excellent trading conditions is unwavering, and that’s why we stand by our commitment to use only known and trusted, regulated global retail brokers.





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