Setting up your account with UltraCap Trading is a straightforward, three-step process designed to get you trading as quickly as possible while ensuring you’re the right fit for our unique ecosystem.

Choose Your Trading Plan:
First, explore the various trading plans we offer. Each plan is designed to align with different trading strategies and career goals. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Sign Up and Pay:
Once you’ve selected your trading plan, you’ll be prompted to provide a few details and pay your Commitment Fee. This fee serves to provide you with a Trading Plan and Opportunity to showcase your talent on a simulated real world environment (spreads and commissions and fills matter) in your trading career with UltraCap and also covers the operational costs of running the accreditation program.

Showcase Your Edge:
After your account is set up, you’ll start trading in a real-world simulated environment to showcase your skills and consistent edge. If you meet our modest requirements, your trading performance will be presented to our panel of funding partner managers and risk managers. We’ll then offer you general and tailored letter of offer which will include your onboarding options to provide your trading talent and services as a contracted employee of UltraCap! Unlike other companies in this space, UltraCap tailors funding options for our contractors. Although the amount of live funding you start with is always the same amount as the trading plan you accredit on, the options, addons and structures available give our traders the flexibility to choose a working model that can help them grow faster!

By following these steps, you’re not just opening an account; you’re starting a potentially long-term, rewarding trading career.





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