UltraCap Trading has been a transformative force in the trading industry since its inception. Founded and operated by traders who deeply understand the nuances of the market, we’ve been bridging the gaps between talent, credibility, and executional technology solutions for investors. Our team has specialized expertise in the FX and CFDs industry dating back to 2019. During this time, we laid the groundwork for a service that is fundamentally different—centered on creating win-win relationships between traders and investors.

In 2021, we formalized our innovative business model and introduced it to our original stakeholders. We also soft-launched within 12 private online trading communities, where we began to shape the futures of everyday retail traders aspiring to become full-time career traders. This initial success allowed us to refine our approach and services, setting us apart in an industry often focused more on trader failure than success.

Today, we stand as a beacon of excellence and innovation. While we may appear to align with the burgeoning online prop firm industry, our focus is distinctly different. We are committed to the long-term success of our traders, offering them a platform that not only provides seed capital but also fosters sustainable growth and development. Our unique approach to trader recruitment and management has made us a preferred choice for both individual traders and institutional investors, solidifying our reputation as a leader in the field.





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