While UltraCap Trading doesn’t operate under a financial services license—since we’re a trading recruitment service and not a provider of financial, investment, or banking products—we adhere rigorously to regulatory standards. We operate in strict compliance with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and under Australian Consumer Law.

Our Live Portfolio Managers (LPMs):
Our LPMs are contracted professionals who manage live-funded accounts on our behalf. They are not consumers who are buying and selling assets or investments. These allocations are administered through bridge and hub technology that complies with ISO27001, an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems.

Our Technology Partnerships:
We exclusively collaborate with regulated brokers, liquidity and margin providers. This ensures that our accounts are segregated and regulated in both Australia and the United States, providing an extra layer of security and transparency for our traders and funding partners.

Indirect Regulation:
By aligning ourselves with regulated entities and adhering to international security standards, we offer a form of indirect regulation. This ensures that our services to funding partners are both safe and secure, while also providing transparent and stable liquidity to our contracted LPMs.

Our Compliance Credentials:

By maintaining these compliance credentials, we aim to provide a secure, transparent, and trustworthy environment for all our traders and funding partners.





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