In the prop trading industry, the term “consistency” can be interpreted in various ways, often leading to misunderstandings. Many other firms have “consistency” checks which do not follow a method and have been used to “fail” traders for no understood reason or if their equity curve was not smooth enough. You can be assured, we do not do this here.

At UltraCap Trading, we define consistency from the start with a specific definition that aligns with our goals and the expectations of our risk management teams and overall, expectations from our funding partners.

We define consistency as “Logical, Reliable Trading Behaviour observed in the results submitted when achieving the profit target.”

  1. Clear Pattern of Risk, Execution, and Trade Management: Consistency doesn’t mean you need a perfect equity curve. What it does mean is that your trading should display a clear and logical pattern in how you manage risk, execute trades, and manage those trades to fruition.
  2. Purpose and Plan: Your trading should reflect a well-thought-out strategy. Random trades, even if profitable, are not considered consistent because they don’t provide a reliable pattern that can be scaled or trusted over the long term.





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