Early Access Black Friday Discounts via our New Discord Community!

Since our inception nearly three years ago, UltraCap has redefined the paradigm of online proprietary trading firms. We have prioritized transparency, realistic trading requirements that mirror professional trading environments, and a sustainable approach that distances us from luck-based, high-risk strategies. This journey of almost three years, a considerable duration in the fast-evolving trading industry, was made possible through our strategic partnerships with select Discord and Facebook communities, offering structured and effective trading methodologies.


Expanding Our Horizons

In our quest to continuously evolve and offer unparalleled opportunities in proprietary trading, we are thrilled to announce our latest initiative – the launch of our public Discord community. This platform is designed to be a melting pot for our members, liquidity providers, traders, staff, and our extended family of friends and affiliates. Here, we aim to foster interaction, share knowledge, encourage growth, and scout the next wave of trading talent.


Our Journey: Pioneering Talent Recruitment Through Community Engagement

Since our inception nearly three years ago, we have been at the forefront of identifying and nurturing genuine talent in the trading domain. Initially, we focused primarily on established platforms like Facebook, where we cultivated a robust presence, connecting directly with traders and enthusiasts. This unique approach allowed us to tap into real talent, fostering a community that thrived on authentic interactions and shared expertise. As we grew, our vision evolved. We recognized the need to expand our horizons and embrace more dynamic, interactive platforms that resonate with our growing community. This pivotal decision led to the launch of our new Discord community. While we may not be the new kids on the block in the trading world, we are excited to introduce ourselves as the fresh, engaging community on the block! Our journey has been about adaptation, innovation, and community-driven growth, and we’re thrilled to continue this journey with you, here on Discord.


Our New Discord Community: A Hub for Trader Development and Excellence

The UltraCap Discord community is envisioned as a dynamic nexus for trader development, idea exchange, and encouragement. It’s more than just a platform; it’s an evolving academy designed to nurture and spotlight future trading talent. Our focus is on creating a fertile ground for recruitment, fostering excellence, and building a robust community of like-minded individuals. Members can expect a constant stream of exclusive giveaways, discounts, promotions, and competitions. This platform will also serve as a central hub for news, feedback, and direct contributions to the future direction of our company. Remember, UltraCap is not just a firm; it’s a shared venture where every member’s input shapes our collective journey. We stand as the genuine alternative to traditional trader funding – a career trading house dedicated to your growth and success.


Exclusive Early Access to our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer!

To mark this significant milestone, we are introducing an exclusive onboarding period. Until the end of November, we are offering all traders who join our Discord community early access to our Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotional special. Enjoy a substantial 25% discount on all UltraSmart and UltraFlex Plans, as well as on all Add-Ons.

Simply join the UltraCap Discord and find your Early Access Code in the #promotions channel!



There will be additional rewards and discounts for advocates, affiliates and traders who help us grow the community over the next few weeks, with giveaways on Plans, Addons and Discounts!!






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