UltraSmart Accreditation:

You are about to start trading the most realistic, achievable funding program on the planet today!

You are applying to trade for a career at UltraCap Trading, being allocated live funding from our investor pools through a regulated live account hosted by Eightcap. 


1.    The Application: 
Tell us all about your trading approach, execution, risk management and history.

All answers will help us ensure that your strategy and approach is suited for our investors risk appetite before you start. 

Traders who take the time to outline their trading plan and all the details, and then execute well on those plans, may also qualify for bonuses upon funding. These may include additional capital allocation, profit share and or discounted multi accounts.

2.    Review our Terms and Conditions and Payment:
Once approved, you will be forwarded details to our Client Portal. 

Within here, will be able to review the rules and finalize your Plan Choice and pay your commitment fee. You will also be able to review the accreditation guides and purchase additional plans.

UltraCap promotes and supports traders in building verified and quality trading strategy portfolios. This includes being able to spread multiple strategies over multiple accounts, a hallmark of professional trading risk management. You will also be able to take advantage of numerous additional Power Mods to tailor your accreditation to boost your chances of success. 

The Accreditation Journey:
Once your fee payment is confirmed, you will be set up with an account on our Trading Platform and you can begin to show us how you trade!

Monitor your results, take advantage of tactical addons and when you are satisfied with the outcome of your results, submit to our risk review team to receive up to several different funding options/outcomes tailored to your strategy and the investor's risk appetite.

New Application

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