Partnering to build a better future for retail traders!


Unlike other Online Prop Firms, the growth and success of our company is intimately tied to recruiting successful trading strategies and the genuine retail traders who pilot them.

We adopt a Quality vs Quantity approach to recruiting the very best trading talent around the world. And as you can expect, this means that we don’t focus our efforts on mass social media marketing or google ads spam. The very best traders in the world usually have humble beginnings and start in dedicated, well-run communities or groups.

To aid us in this quest we have put together a rewarding and lucrative Academy Program to find, nurture, and recruit the best trading talent the world has to offer:

Business Partner:
Designed for Groups/Forums/Websites/Chatrooms that have a dedicated community that provides education, support, mentoring or training in a specific discipline of Trading. As a Business Partner of Ultra, we will sponsor your community with an array of Recruitment Benefits which can include everything from discounts, trailing commissions, events sponsorships, and even custom plans purpose-built and pre-approved by our funding partners for funding access for your people.

White Label:
Anyone can create a prop program or online prop firm these days. But the industry is cracking down on fake funding and Ponzi schemes. Setting up a business to try and compete in the already crowded global environment can be very risky. If you have a deserving trading community or group of dedicated and loyal traders, that you were thinking of trying to start your own fund for, we have the answer! 

Our white-label solutions can work with you to tailor a plan to suit your specific needs and community. We will build the platform, support your traders, and facilitate the analysis platform and funding program in the background while you focus on building your own front-end academy! We will then wholesale the plans you design to you, take care of the risk and backing, and allow you to resell your plan at whatever you feel is the best rate for your traders! Be the business that empowers your people!

If you are an industrious individual with many connections or are influential within a group, perhaps being an Ultra Affiliate is the best way to partner, benefit and prosper!

Our affiliates are set up with custom discounts and coupon codes so that they can have full control over how they promote, recruit, and market our services. We can support you with one or several features such as trailing commissions, landing pages, sponsorship of podcasts/streaming feeds or websites, and even earn free funding options/accreditation accounts. Perfect for social media influencers, youtube personalities, and trading community icons.

If you feel like a good fit for one or more of the above partnership opportunities to build a better retail trader future, please reach out for a confidential chat at: