We understand that life can get in the way when it comes to trading professionally. Many external factors can affect the way we trade. If you feel that your trading performance will be affected by an external event and you need to take a break, you can pause your accreditation attempt for up to 21 days. To do this, you must let our team know to pause the accreditation. Taking extended breaks or going inactive during accreditation impacts the output of your trading results, making it harder for our funding team to assess. If you take a break, or go inactive for longer than 21 days without advising us prior, your account may be deemed as abandoned and the results will not be accepted by our funding partners for funding consideration.

Accreditation accounts have a cost associated with them. Sometimes, after long periods of inactivity, Broker Systems can automatically purge or delete accounts that have not been logged into or traded to save on platform costs. We believe this occurs to accounts that are generally inactive for longer than 21-60 days (it can vary on when they run the purge script), so it is also important to ensure you advise us of any breaks or inactive periods immediately and we can ensure the account remains active and is not purged. Any account that has been deleted or purged by the broker platform will be deemed forfeited/abandoned. Traders will need to re-purchase and re-attempt the accreditation to continue.





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