At UltraCap Trading, our Live Portfolio Managers (LPMs) are compensated through a bi-monthly Payout Process. Once you’ve met the performance criteria outlined in your contract, you can submit an invoice for services rendered. This triggers our internal process, where we assess the surplus profits and prepare for their redistribution within our larger operational framework and funding partner technology products. Our finance team then processes the Payout Request via payment to the LPM nominated account/method.

It’s worth noting that payouts are not a direct cut of the live account profits generated by an LPM. Instead, they are part of a broader trader technology ecosystem provided by UltraCap to our funding partners. We work closely with our Funding Partners, who through subscription and contracts, subsidize the technology services we offer. This enables us to compensate you for your trading services based on an agreed-upon rate, which aligns with your profit-sharing agreement. The overall returns generated by our Funding Partners are private and separate to the wider portfolio and macro pool, or our systems and may be more than the realized profits within the live funded account.


What Payout Methods does UltraCap Trading provide?

At UltraCap Trading, we understand that flexibility is key when it comes to receiving your payout fees. That’s why we offer a diverse range of payout methods to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our payout options include:





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