Who is UltraCap Trading:

UltraCap Trading is an Australian Fintech Trader Recruitment Firm which is registered and complied to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Based in Sydney, Australia, UltraCap Trading's goal has always been to disrupt the traditional funding industry whilst empowering retail traders to achieve their goals. Our aim has never been to be the biggest, loudest, or trendiest prop option for retail traders. Rather, we're the unique, real, and stable alternative that you can bank on.

UltraCap Trading, is Built by Traders, run by Traders and is solely focused on finding, recruiting, and endorsing quality trading talent to sophisticated and institutional partners. 

Dissatisfied with the options for funding on the market, we set out to engineer a commercial outcome that aligned with genuinely finding and hiring traders based on their qualities, their talent and their ability to perform within a partner-guided transparent platform.

The end result was a very different funding program that rewards traders for all the right reasons and produces long-term disciplined career traders with verified strategies.

The program then uses proprietary systems and AI analytics to endorse and present reliable results to sophisticated partners and backers who in turn, have a reliable platform to gain exposure to true talent.


In 2022, UltraCap Trading partnered with Eightcap Group, a multi award-winning, ASIC Regulated, FX and CFD's broker, to deliver best in breed professional trader recruitment services to a wider range of global partners within a secure regulated platform. 


With the help of new partners and a regulated client account platform, UltraCap has continued it's successful mantra of bringing realistic, achievable and reliable trading careers to retail traders all over the globe.






Dedicated to improving & empowering retail trader lives!

Transforming the lives of everyday retail traders is our passion! 


UltraCap Trading is an Australian-regulated company providing the Ultra8 Platform, a reliable liquidity platform provided in partnership with ASIC-regulated global broker, Eightcap.

We started with a vision of providing real and lasting careers to reliable traders. As we began to showcase our traders to our investment partners, it swiftly became our obsession to aid honest, genuine, everyday traders find satisfaction in all their hard work.


No matter where you are in the world, we are dedicated to finding and bridging the gap for retail traders to achieve their dreams through reliable, consistent investment.



The UltraCap Vision:

Our vision is to grow into a self-sustainable, reliable pool of combined global trading quality that empowers and enriches all our people. We want to be the catalyst for a new unrestricted fintech industry where discrimination of location, race, gender or education does not exist. Trading ability comes from the mind and the heart. And future generations investments should be in the hands of people who trade with heart and mind, protected from the common greed and manipulation associated with global powers today.

If you align with this vision, want the best for your family and want the chance to break the status quo and unleash your financial freedom, we should be the only choice for your trading career.