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Common Questions about Ultra

UltraCap Trading is an Australian-owned and operated Prop Industry Recruitment Firm.

We develop and maintain an AI-driven proprietary trading strategy analysis platform and recruit retail traders for approved funding partners to match with private capital agreements.

Ultra Capital Trading is not a financial services provider, so it is not required to hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) as it is providing a recruitment service on a regulated (AFSL registered) platform and not investing customer or client funds in financial or money markets, or giving financial advice.

Our compliance and reporting are registered and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Also the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) which provides consumer guarantees, fair trading laws, and Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fraud regulations including company director obligations legislated by the Corporations Act 2001.

We are partnered with global independent brokers, Eightcap Global and Eightcap Australia. Our traders and sprogram operate on trading platforms that are regulated by the SCB and ASIC via Eightcap's broker platform.

International Registration:

ASIC Registration


Australian Company Registration: 

UltraCap Trading is not a financial services provider and does not hold an Australian Financial Services License as it is providing a fintech referral platform and service and not investing customer or client funds.

We are not a broker or bank or investment company, we do not give any financial advice nor directly provide any financial products or services to customers.

Inversely, UltraCap Trading is a wholly owned and operated Australian Registered Company whose registration and business compliance is regulated by ASIC, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) which provides consumer guarantees, fair trading laws governed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Australian company director obligations legislated within Australia by the Corporations Act 2001.

There are many Online Prop Firm options around the globe today. Most provide an “evaluation” service that simulates a live trading environment with a limited set of criteria that a trader needs to meet. Most of the time, the criteria are designed to filter out any trader that does not meet a very high level of trading luck or performance. 

Results, not Luck!
Would you expect anything else other than actual real results when you are looking to work with real, regulated funding partners?

Rather than slap together a few arbitrary rules designed to filter out lucky traders and fail the majority, we put together an "audition" on a real, regulated, broker-backed platform that is spacious for time and rules. Validate your strategy by submitting a true sample of your capability and be offered multiple options of funding, based on your true risk score. 

Just as every trader is infinitely different, and every trading strategy is distinctly unique,  funding partners all have different levels of risk appetite and different objectives.

UltraCap programs match the strategy and its unique risk score, to one or more live funding offers from verified partners.


Most traders know us as the most achievable prop program available online and many have seen us use this unique statement openly.

How do we qualify as the most achievable?

1. We don't run evaluations.
Prop Evaluations are designed to filter out most traders so unregulated prop firms can make profit from the majority of failed traders. They run programs that are nothing but gauntlets designed to pass a slim minority of lucky traders. The ones who pass also usually fail shortly into their live account.

Why is this? Because one critical ingredient to long-term profitability is consistency and space! Space to allow your strategy to win AND lose without being cut short. An evaluation that is too tight passes lucky traders who fail later or fails traders who have good strategies but make mistakes due to unnecessary unrealistic pressure.

UltraSmart doesn't validate good strategies with 2-3 rules and a burst target. True investors want long term profitability. So we created a program that allows you to trade your way, with some of the most spacious mods and concessions available so that you can truly show us the full balanced output of your trading strategy.

2. Real Analysis for Results, UltraSmart showcases the results for not one type of Live Funding Account, but Multiple Funding Options! In many cases, there are multiple funding partner backers interested in the results. Each has different terms. The options offered to you are based on the strategy and trading behavior exhibited in the sample provided.

Generous Risk Requirements
+ more funding options
= higher chance of being funded on a proven live regulated platform.
(current pass rate: 7.5%)

Sound reasonable and achievable? That's because it is. In fact, our pass rate is more than double most online prop firms out there! Our motives are pure, just like yours. You deserve an employer that wants you to succeed long term,  not fail evaluations!

Any strategy sample that a trader submits that meets the minimum base risk requirements yet does not match any specific funding options, will be refunded. 

One of the key differences between UltraCap and all other prop firms is that we take a professional portfolio approach to trading. In fact, 9/10 professional capital markets traders, run multiple strategies across several bundles of margin (accounts). This is because using multiple accounts has several advantages over using a single account for all trades. 

Here are the key reasons why:

Only One account increases your chances of loss
Many traders get fooled into thinking they get more value from trading 1 prop account, with all markets available. But its the exact opposite.

Other online prop firms know this secret. The more markets they give you, the more chance a trader will take uncalculated risks in other markets and flunk. Combined with reduced leverage, this means the more markets you trade on one account, the less room you have for error and drawdown. 

By spreading trades across multiple accounts, you can reduce the risk of losing all your funds in the event of a market downturn or a trading error. Each account will have its own set of risk management strategies, which will help you to mitigate risk and maintain stability in your overall portfolio.

Trying to cram multiple market strategies into one single account that offers everything is a recipe for repeated failure. Without factoring in the unique nature of market volatility, its almost impossible to standardize your risk on multiple different types of markets without having leverage challenges or wiping out all your profits on one market, from a bad trade on the other market.

Scale Faster by Multiplying your Gains
The fastest way to gain capital allocations is not to stake or scale. Yes it sounds like we are being contradictory here but hear me out… If you had 3 different successful strategies, and you ran them on 3 separate accounts, on 3 different subsets of uncorrelated markets, you could theoretically equal the maximum staking of one account, in less than half the time and be taking profit much faster. 

If you had 3x $100k accounts live accounts, you would have a total combined trading power of $300k, combined 1:30 leverage across 200 markets as opposed to trying to trade 1x 100k account, scale it to $300k, but still only have 1:10 leverage.

Diversify your Trading Performance:
One of the biggest killers for retail traders is managing their emotions and staying consistent. It’s all too easy to treat your prop account like a “one shot for glory” type account and make critical mistakes due to fear of missing out.

Diversifying your trading activities across multiple accounts allows you to spread your total exposure across different markets, currencies, and asset classes without impacting your leverage/margin which is set at an account level. This can help to reduce the impact of market volatility and increase the potential for gains over the long term. 

Increase your chances of staying funded. 
Just like it is not hard to learn to drive a car, it is experience and time on the road which makes you a good driver. Let’s be pragmatic. Passing a prop evaluation is not hard for a good trader on Ultra. But maintaining a funded account after passing is the hardest hurdle. Many professional online prop traders stack the odds of staying funded by running multiple prop accounts and spreading their portfolio of strategies across them. This ensures that you will always have professional capital available.

Using multiple accounts gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and adjust your trading strategies as needed. You can also use different accounts to test new trading strategies and experiment with different approaches to the markets. This can help you to refine your skills and increase your chances of success, and exponentially increase the chances of staying funded!

If you have read the benefits of using Multi Accounts and you are still wondering, "Why can't you merge FX with Extended, as all the other prop firms do?"
Or, are you are stuck wondering how to implement your strategy across more than one account?

Try considering the below example:

Bob's Portfolio:

  • Bob uses a strategy that is FX and Indices combined.
  • He would like to create a combined sample of FX and Indices together. 
  • Ultra's Funding Partners, need both strategies split out by market instrument. This is because a CFD Strategy that is predominantly Indices exposed will be analyzed and funded differently from a strategy that is FX exposed only. 

Bob trusts his strategy and is already evaluating on a $100k Plan with another firm using Indices and FX. His other firm is a different 8Cap-backed Prop Firm where he paid $750 for a $100k Plan. It gives him 1:10 Leverage, all markets available, and a profit target of 10% with a trailing drawdown of 5% (yuck!)

To build this same Portfolio on Ultra, he would use:

  • an UltraSmart FX $50k Account +
  • an UltraSmart Extended $50k Account.
  • Total: $100k of Capital, $549 cost, Diversified Margin, Diversified Absolute Drawdown.

The strategy he would run on FX is his FX Risk strategy and the EXT plan would be his Indices Risk Strategy. They may be very similar in execution triggers, but the lot sizing and margin requirements along with the risk factors would then be individually secured. Smart move Bob!


- The cost if taken the pro package is $150 cheaper than the competitor. 
- Although the strategy is split into 2 instrument risk profiles, (huge benefit), they will gain 2x (1:10) meaning the trader can hold more positions open at the same time without running out of margin
- Combined drawdown of 8%+5%, meaning FX losses don't impact the viability of Indices running trades and vice versa. 
- Combined target of 6% + 9%, meaning although the combined target is higher, it is weighted easier for FX to pass. 
- Trader can apply mods specifically to each account according to what they need eg, add no MAX DD to the indices account so that any major drawdowns do not affect the FX progress, and do not impact the FX strategy.


Bob was no worse off, nor was he negatively impacted by implementing a more diverse account portfolio structure for his single strategy.

In fact, he gained serious advantages in doing so! He used 2 accounts to maximize exposure, minimize risk and diversify his performance. The outcome and structure of the portfolio were the same. It would still equal a total amount of $100k, plus double the leverage and tailor each strategy for maximum potential. 

Most traders, do well from using separate accounts when trading diverse instruments. Many professional retail and institutional traders make this a daily practice. It is common to see brokers offering full account management dashboards for this very purpose. 

If you have not considered doing this, we encourage you to take your trading to the next level and diversify your portfolio in a way that not only keeps your funding partner's capital safe, but increases your chances of success!

Our official Business and Support hours are:

Monday to Friday
23:00-05:00 GMT
(09:00-15:00 AEST)

Although some staff work on weekends, most operations are conducted during the above business and support hours. 

Don't hesitate to reach out via our Live Chat Function or email with any questions and one of our friendly team will get back to you! 

Systems & Support

We are proud to be partnered with leading global broker, Eightcap Group and Eightcap Pty Ltd.

Eightcap is an ASIC regulated Australian Broker providing FX, CFDs, Stocks and Crypto Derivative to retail, institutional and sophisticated investors.

Using global liquidity providers allows our traders to attempt their accreditations with full confidence and peace of mind, with the very best spreads, liquidity, and platform experience available out of any prop firm on the market today.

We also use other ECN Platforms as the case may require, which also provides deep liquidity and fast institutional execution through secure private direct access to the markets for some plans and Instant Funding options.

We provide a Best Practices Guide, Technical Support Guide and Trading Tools Section within the Client Portal for UltraCap traders.

Spreads are typical for an ECN (Electronic Communications Network) trading account.

Commissions vary depending on the account you prefer.

1) ECN Account
The industry standard ECN (Electronic Communication Network) account offers competetive raw spreads with $7 round turn per lot commissions.

2) Standard Swap Free Account
The Swap Free accounts are based on a Standard (non ECN) Account. There are no commissions on a Swap Free account, however if a position is open for more than 14 days (10 business days) an admin fee will be charged.

Islamic law states that any activity in a business or contract that includes charging and receiving riba or interest is strictly forbidden.

Swap Free accounts are available upon request when completing your UltraCap Trading application.

There are no commissions on a Swap Free account, however if a position is open for more than 14 days (10 business days) an admin fee will be charged.

*Swap Free accounts are based on Standard Accounts, not ECN accounts.
*Swap Free accounts are currently only available on MT5 accounts.

The server times are based on GMT +2/+3 depending on daylight savings.

MT4 & MT5 Terminal Accounts are hosted by 8Cap Group on behalf of UltraCap Trading under a technology agreement.

Master Margin accounts for live traders have been set up and verified by our Investors using standard KYC protocols with Eightcap, to which UltraCap Trading has been given access via API on a non-transferrable basis to account management and access trader history, reporting, and monitoring. Eightcap, regulated by ASIC and the SCB administer live fund operations via their respective on-market partners.

UltraCap Trading, as a matching service to investors and funding partners, do not provide any trading platforms ourselves.

Liquidity provider partners such as 8eightcap provide both MT5 and MT4, and are licenced partners of Metaquotes.

MT4 -
MT5 -

Traders who undergo an UltraCap Trading Accreditation Program will utilize one of the licenced trading platforms provided by our liquidity provider partners.

Yes. However, you must be aware of how your software behaves and works and ensure that it copies cleanly. We are not able to refund or reset accounts that breach due to software bugs or user error or if your software does not behave within the risk guidelines set.

For stop loss settings, simply test your trade copier/EA/Software and see how it operates, be familiar with the settings, watch your trades as they are copied in real time, and keep an eye out for irregularities. Adjust on the fly and tweak your setup. (You can use a demo account, OR, for UltraSmart FX traders, this is the purpose of using your Orientation Period, so you can test before continuing with your Review Period).

Important Note for UltraSmart Reviews: If you are using a trade copying service or expert advisor, please ensure you set up a "default stop loss" on your copy trades, so that if for any reason there is a lag in system or connection, every order placed by your trade copier will have a stop loss on them that can be manually modified to suit once the trade is copied.

If you are elibible for a refund or have submitted for a withdrawal or any request where we are transferring or paying you, the following payment methods are available in the following order:

1. We must make the payment to the same source of your original payment where possible. This is a Federal Government Requirement from our regulatory bodies in Australia to comply with Anti Laundering Regulations.

2. If for any reason, we cannot send the payment to your original source (example: if you originally used a third party family or friend's account to pay us) you will need to confirm this in writing and provide valid bank account details to receive your refund to)

Payment Methods:

Bank Transfer: we can send your payments to your nominated bank account in your country using AUD, CAD, GBP, USD or EUROs.

Wise (formerly Transferwise): We can send payments in 56 currencies using Wise and they are adding more countries every day. Wise also is one of the least expensive, if not the cheapest global fiat money transfer company in the world today. We are not a partner nor affiliated with Wise at all.

Crypto Currency: we can send your payments to your nominated Crypto Wallet. BTC and USDC are our preferred tokens for payment however, we can send your profit payments to ERC20 of the following tokens:

PayPal: we can send your payments to your PayPal account.

Pre-Funding Process

Unlike other programs, the UltraCap Trading Accreditation programs primary purpose is to provide a trading environment that outlines the risk requirements of our partners. Within this environment, traders "showcase" or "perform" their trading strategies and approaches to produce a "sample" or "results report" of their abilities. 

It is the results of the performance that the partners run through AI analytics and risk profile engines to gauge which risk pool to place a trader in. 

Likewise, UltraCap Trading is looking for traders that have good, solid trading routine, discipline and consistent, stable trading results.

A strategy is defined as "The plan, approach, and execution of a specific edge in a target market, including how risk is managed with the approach, as viewed by our team externally".

We appreciate the common definition of a strategy for most traders is usually reliant upon internal factors, such as personal risk appetite, a particular algorithm whether automated or manual, or a certain set of personal triggers for entry, which may be technical or discretionary in nature. However, when we refer to strategy, it is all of the above looking through the lense of an external party.

As an external party, we cannot see the EA, or the indicators, charts, or trading plan of a trader. What we see is the pattern and behaviors exhibited, the chosen symbols and markets, lot sizing patterns, stop loss patterns, and value-at-risk trends. 

All strategies with good risk management (excluding what we deem risky) and consistent execution are welcome on Ultra. 

Our Funding Partners are looking for traders with strategies that not only meet all the risk requirements but also have results that convincingly show quantitatively verified long-term growth. Funding partners will use our analysis platform to score the performance and metrics exhibited by your strategy in our simulated live environment. 

The UltraCap Trading Accreditation Program comprises of 3 components:

1. Application: We first verify the trader's plan is sound and that the trader has a competent knowledge of how to trade (the application)

2. Trading Review Period (or audition period): Trade within the risk requirements provided. We allow traders to display how they trade their strategy, guided by the benchmarks in your dashboard, to create a sample or report of your performance which reflects how you will trade our investor funds. This is a "staged audition" which produces a verified result of your approach and strategy performing within the risk requirements of the investors. 

3. Strategy Performance Check: Once the trader has produced a sample of results that they are happy to showcase to your future employer, hopefully showing an accurate representation of how you will trade with live funds, we submit the results to our funding partners with our recommendations and our Platform scoring. Partners then run the results through their own proprietary quantitative analysis and other metric checks  to ensure the strategy + trader performance has a higher probability of long-term success and can be matched to one of several funding pool options.

This process is proven and followed for all of UltraCap Trading Plans.

Each Plan is designed differently to capture a variety of different styles and approaches. The structure of each plan may include but is not limited to variations in Risk, Leverage, Time Periods, Drawdown tolerances, and more.

Although the structures of the plans differ, each plan shares the same journey:

1.    Introduction/Application
2.    Review Period/Audition
3.    Performance Check

Whilst it is true that we want to find and hire as many good traders as possible, we request that the following requirements be met before you apply for our Accreditation Program to be considered for live funding:

1.    Have a good understanding of your Trading Strategy, Trading Plan and Trading Psychology.
2.    Be over 18 and meet all tax requirements to undertake contractor work in your country/jurisdiction
3.    Be informed about and have experience in trading FX/CFD/Futures.
4.    Be ready to commence your Accreditation Program upon acceptance.

It will take roughly between 12-36 hours for our Accreditations Team to review your application.

During the orientation period, if for any reason you change your mind, cannot trade, are uncomfortable, or are unhappy with our execution platform or services, you can request to withdraw from the Accreditation Program for a FULL REFUND. 

The 100% Money Back Guarantee is only eligible for genuine reasons and refunds will only be issued if the account is in good standing (not blown or not due to a strike) and there are no reasons to believe that withdrawal from the program is caused by trading outcomes or behavior.

*Can only be redeemed once per trader.

The leverage for all UltraSmart Programs is 1:10

1:10 leverage is equal to a margin requirement of 10% to maintain open positions

For more aggressive traders, we encourage you to consider your strategy and markets required, and make use of our power mods and multiple account functionality if you require additional leverage to conduct your trading. 

Strategies are considered unique to each market.

  • You can hold positions when the market is closed on weekends.
  • You can hold positions overnight.
  • You can hold positions through major and minor news events.

Whilst you may hold trades through all these conditions, we encourage our traders to always consider the economic environment and mitigate risk where applicable to protect capital.

UltraSmart FX:

All FX Pairs Available. These include 28 derivatives/combinations of the Global Major Currencies: AUD, NZD, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, JPY as well as every Exotic FX Pair available on the Ultra8 Platform.

Forex (28)


Exotics (28)

Note: Symbols may be subject to change without notice.
Note: MT4 and MT5 Symbols may differ slightly.

Warning! Exotic Pairs are tradeable. Please consider the liquidity and volatility surrounding exotic cross pairs and only trade these if you are fully aware of your capabilities and the price action of the symbols. There will be no refunds or credits for traders who lose to high spreads. 

UltraSmart Extended:

The following Symbols can be traded in the UltraSmart Extended plans.

Indices (18)
NDX100 NTH25 SPX500 SWI20 UK100 US2000 US30 USDOLLAR
USDX VIX            


Metals (12)


Oils (2)


Cryptos [High Cap] (20)


Cryptos [Other] (85)


Note: Symbols may be subject to change without notice.

Warning! Please consider the liquidity and volatility surrounding exotic crypto pairs and only trade these if you are fully aware of your capabilities and the price action of the symbols. There will be no refunds or credits for traders who lose to high spreads. 

UltraCap Trading is an authorized partner of Eightcap Group, a global award-winning broker and liquidity provider. Eightcap provides all execution and authorized trading platforms on behalf of UltraCap. 

MT4 -
MT5 -

The Accreditation Commitment fee is the contribution you make to back yourself. With most things that involve monetary risk, there needs to be a consideration to show that you are dedicated and have a psychological obligation to the process- we need to know that the effort we put into finding good traders, will be taken seriously. As the saying goes, “money talks!”.

In essence, you are paying for the opportunity to prove yourself eligible, according to the risk policies and rules set by our Partner Board to be hired to trade on behalf of UltraCap.

The fees you pay are not an investment and are not redeemable. They cannot be withdrawn or paid back to you. The fees we charge for our services are used to continue to provide cutting-edge support, and innovative and unique ways for traders to become backed by partners and live their best lives. We do not profit until you profit.

As a gesture of good will, once a trader has proven their permanency through reliable trading results, we will pay back the commitment fee to them as part of their first withdrawal.

No, the Accreditation Commitment Fee is the only contribution you make to be assessed. 

There are no ongoing monthly subscriptions, desk fees, or repayment of funds lost. 

We are a recruitment service. Once we have recruited you, our ongoing profits come from your ongoing profitable performance!

It's a good question that seems to make sense. After all, having more markets or all markets in one simple account is less management and more value right?

We don't believe so, and that is why we do not merge accounts. What's the logic?

At Ultra, our funding partners allocate capital to several diverse and uncorrelated pools of liquidity based on a strategy/trader's exhibited risk profile. This is the core driver that allows our program to be more achievable to qualify for funding than most other firms. But this requires we narrow down the data from specific strategies/accounts.

Cramming uncorrelated and disparate instruments into one trading account, using one pool of margin is not better. In fact, if you cram 3 strategies into 1 account, it would normally mean needing 3x the sample size and a lot of AI brainpower to separate the probabilities and risk to the ruin of the individual strategies.

Stacking your accounts (merge), not only increases your chances of blowing the account out, or making mistakes due to tighter execution requirements such as less leverage, it makes it near impossible for an investor to confirm the long-term efficacy of your trading.

For this reason, we have chosen to encourage traders to take advantage of the unique feature we have that allows traders to have up to 3 accreditation accounts simultaneously to diversify and increase their chances of being funded with multiple strategies! As of the writing of this FAQ, there are NO other online prop firms that approve a trader to have multiple accounts simultaneously. 

That's what makes us more achievable. More sustainable. More serious about retail trader/strategy recruitment!

For more information: please review the common questions FAQ: "Advantages of using Multiple Accounts vs One Single Account"

Post-Funding Process

An UltraCap Trading Live Portfolio Manager (LPM) is a Trader who has successfully traded a consistent and profitable strategy through the accreditation review period and submitted a performance report which has been verified as consistent, profitable, and reliable.

Once a Trader has displayed metrics and traits which align with our Risk Policies and have been approved by our Partners, UltraCap Trading contracts the Trader to trade on our behalf, a Live Funded Account, which has been allocated verified live funds by our Partners, via our regulated liquidity providers.

To be contracted by UltraCap Trading, you will be required to:

•    Provide personal particulars and details
•    Provide documents verify your identity

Primary ID:
The primary ID confirmation: 1 piece of ID which includes a photo and your address: eg, passport, drivers license, a government issued ID card, etc.

Secondary ID:
A secondary ID confirmation: a utility bill, bank statement, invoice or bill in the name of the applicant including address that matches the ID, etc.

Photographic Evidence:
A selfie photograph of yourself holding up the Primary ID document with the photo in the ID visible.

•    Provide suitable details for payments to be made to you. Ie, PayPal, Wise, Bank Account, pre-approved crypto wallet.
•    Be eligible to work or be sub-contracted to an Australian company and not impaired by any international sanctions or requirements to be contracted to work for an Australian business.

We expect you to trade with the same consistency and reliability as you did during your Accreditation. During your initial contracted period trading Live Funds on our behalf, it is a requirement that you continue to trade your approved and verified strategy in the same way as you did during your review period. 

LPM accounts do not have a time limit. 
Power Mods will not apply to LPM contracts. 
Review schedules and any additional benefits will be set out in a Letter of Offer for Contract.

All other risk-related rules, such as Risk Percentage, Leverage/Margin Requirements, and Symbols to Trade, will not change from accreditation to LPM account.

Our view is always to find and present as many funding options as possible. After all, thats why we are different and the most achievable on the planet!  However, there may be other proprietary requirements that are conditional to your contract with UltraCap Trading, and unique to your specific strategy.  If applicable, these will be discussed at the time of the strategy performance review. 

Funding Offers are based on the same amount of the Accreditation Plan completed by the trader.  This is defined as the "Allocation Amount" and forms the benchmark of the LPM contract. All scaling, staking, and modifications to capital allocation are based on the Allocation Amount.

When a strategy is approved, up to several funding offers may be available which can include variations of the "Allocation Amount" appropriate and tailored to the quality of the sample results received. Depending on the risk profile of the strategy, the "Allocation Amount" stays the same but the amount of available allocation may change through review before or during your contract based on your performance and consistency and metrics. This process ensures that capital is protected at the trading level, the account level and the psychological level. Over time, as the trader develops, funding will continue to be tailored. 

For example, a $100k Accreditation Account, upon being completed, reviewed, and approved, will be backed by an Allocation Amount of $100,000usd. Funding Partners will contract and fund and provide UltraCap a regulated 8Cap Account up to $100,000usd. A letter of offer that is appropriately matched to the results is sent to the Trader with multiple variations of the $100k allocation to start the relationship off. After the trader has chosen from the offers available, trading commences and will be reviewed periodically with your Risk Manager to ensure consistency. 

No, there are no other costs that you will need to pay to UltraCap Trading once you are hired to trade a live account for our Partners.

You will not be liable to pay back or pay for for any losses incurred on any Live Account that we facilitate for you and that you trade on our behalf.

Yes, we offer the ability for you to upgrade your trading account balance via staking security against further live funds.

For most Plans, you can stake as little as 10% to gain a whopping 100% increase in your account balance!

See the Staking Plan within the UltraSmart Rules section of our website.

Like financial term deposits or staking in cryptocurrencies, UltraCap Trading's Profit Staking is where you can delegate a percentage of your profits in return for more capital trade.

Staking is an exclusively flexible option for UltraCap Traders, allowing you to scale up to account balances of up to $2,000,000. The higher the account balance you manage, the higher the profit share and the more profits you earn!

You can withdraw the profits that you have staked at any time. However, if you withdraw your staked profits, we will withdraw the additional capital associated with your stake.

You may withdraw staked profits at any time by requesting withdrawal and the additional capital for staking will be taken from the trading account. You will not lose your original profit share tier.

On the 24th of each calendar month, you will be required to submit a withdrawal form.

Your first withdrawal can be requested once you achieve a minimum of 5% growth on your live account. Subsequent withdrawals can be requested in 5% blocks in line with the withdrawal policy. 

LPM’s need to send a withdrawal request invoice by the 24th of each calendar month. Profits are withdrawn from the account on the 25th. Each time you withdraw profits from your account, your profit share percentage goes up by 5%. For more information, please see our Profit Payment Policy and Profit Share Policy 

Bank Transfer: we can send your payments to your nominated bank account in your country using AUD, CAD, GBP, USD or EUROs.

Wise (formerly Transferwise): We can send payments in 56 currencies using Wise and they are adding more countries every day. Wise also is one of the least expensive, if not the cheapest global fiat money transfer company in the world today. We are not a partner nor affiliated with Wise at all.

Crypto Currency: we can send your payments to your nominated Crypto Wallet. BTC and USDC are our preferred tokens for payment however, we can send your profit payments to ERC20 of the following tokens:

PayPal: we can send your payments to your PayPal account.


Merging accounts is the same as account stacking.

One of Ultra's biggest strengths is the ability for a trader to use a full TRADING PORTFOLIO.  Our funding partners intentionally do not want stacked or cramped accounts where multiple strategies are used within multiple accounts. When they allocate funding to a trading strategy, they factored in your individual strategy's factors, patterns, metrics, and approach with the expectation that the same strategy will be conducted, placing it into a larger diversified risk pool that is matched to the risk profile you have displayed.

Merging accounts, or stacking strategies, not only makes the above risk management approach redundant, but it increases the chance of a trader making critical errors and losing capital due to many self-inflicted errors such as tighter combined drawdowns, lack of leverage, and exposure mistakes to name a few.

We encourage traders to take advantage of the privilege of using multiple funded accounts with different strategies and managing the markets you trade amongst them to maintain a balanced risk portfolio. And that's something far more reliable, successful and tasty for the astute prop trader!